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The first stream to ever air on Everlight.TV was a small church on the east coast. We watched patiently waiting for the number of viewers to explode, but it never did. Instead, we had only one viewer, and I silently thought to myself, “Is this even worth it?”

A few minutes later, the young woman viewing the stream removed every doubt I had when she joined the live discussion with the church staff. She informed everyone that she was at home with her sick daughter, and she was just thrilled to be able to participate in the service in her time of need.

In that very moment, I realized that it wasn’t about the numbers. Oftentimes the one person who needs to hear your message the most is the one person who can’t make it to the service.

Reaching the deepest and darkest places to the ends of the earth.

Reaching the ends of the earth, even where the gospel will cost your life. Our time and efforts are spent on technology to allow people in these areas to have access to the Gospel without the content being blocked and banned.

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Our platform allows ministries to reach limitless viewers around the globe. Your contribution is what makes Everlight possible. We are forever grateful for the opportunity that has been given to us.

Our current need is $10,000 per month. Thank you for your amazing support!

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