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Clay and Shawnda have blazed the earth with furious fire and healing grace for 20 years leaving their own legacy that was left them by their grandfathers who pastored over 50 years preaching divine healing. William and Jean Clark, Shawnda's Granparents saw the Dead Raised,and bodies instantly Healed in their 60 years of Ministry as they both preached the gospel, seeing hundreds filled with the Spirit of the living God.

 Clay's grandfather through adoption Gene Mullenax appeared on the Sid Roth show It's Supernatural and Phil Donahue. Gene's lung was surgically removed as well as 3 ribs because the lung was hemorrhaging. Gene testifies that in 1958 during an A.A. Allen tent meeting God recreated a lung in his body and sealed up a large hole where a 2 inch tube was placed in his back.

Clay and Shawnda still carry this Healing mantle on their life with fervency to harvest SOULS, to establish The Kingdom of God, cultures of Revival, and Revolution. There hearts bleed for the HEALING of the nations, broken hearts, broken families, and those broken by sin and sickness. They are sounding a clarion call for God's people to rise from the ashes of cold, dark, dismal and colorless dreams,and TRAUMATIZED HEARTS. They are declaring, "There is still HOPE IN GOD!" They are releasing the King's domain upon the impossible.

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